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Technology on Reducing Postharvest Losses and Maintaining Quality of Fruit and Vegetables (Philippines) Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
Perlita Aquino-Nuevo; Arnel Ramir Apaga.
[[abstract]]The Philippines is predominantly agriculture which covers 47% or 30 million hectares. However, the landholdings are small and non-contiguous. Fruits and vegetables grow well with the least inputs except when typhoons and drought hit the country. The bountiful harvest are wasted during the distribution process due to a number of reasons: use of inappropriate containers, poor road conditions, high temperatures, and rough handling. Postharvest losses could be up to 50%. While postharvest technologies are continuously being developed, transferred and adopted by the target sectors, the need for cooperation and coordination among the stakeholders is very critical. Information dissemination on the proper handling of fruits and vegetables through print...
Palavras-chave: Technology on Reducing Post-harvest Losses and Maintaining Quality of Fruits and Vegetables: Proceedings of 2010 AARDO Workshop; [[classification]]6.
Ano: 2010
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