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Estimation of gas hydrate concentration from multi-component seismic data at sites on the continental margins of NW Svalbard and the Storegga region of Norway ArchiMer
Westbrook, G; Chand, S; Rossi, G; Long, C; Bunz, S; Camerlenghi, A; Carcione, J; Dean, S; Foucher, Jean-paul; Flueh, E; Gei, D; Haacke, R; Madrussani, G; Mienert, Jurgen; Minshull, T; Nouze, Herve; Peacock, S; Reston, T; Vanneste, M; Zillmer, M.
High-resolution seismic experiments, employing arrays of closely spaced, four-component ocean-bottom seismic recorders, were conducted at a site off western Svalbard and a site on the northern margin of the Storegga slide, off Norway to investigate how well seismic data can be used to determine the concentration of methane hydrate beneath the seabed. Data from P-waves and from S-waves generated by P-S conversion on reflection were inverted for P- and S-wave velocity (V-p and V-s), using 3D travel-time tomography, 2D ray-tracing inversion and 1D waveform inversion. At the NW Svalbard site, positive V-p anomalies above a sea-bottom-simulating reflector (BSR) indicate the presence of gas hydrate. A zone containing free gas up to 150-m thick, lying immediately...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Continental margin; Hydrate concentration; Seismic velocity; S wave; P wave.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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