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Factors controlling sediment dynamics of a recently deposited mud layer over a sheltered sandy beach following a drastic regression of Zostera meadows (Arcachon Bay, France) ArchiMer
Ganthy, Florian; Cognat, Mathis; Lanson, Meline; Rigouin, Loic.
Within the semi-enclosed mesotidal lagoon of Arcachon, most of intertidal mudflats are colonized by seagrass meadows of Zostera noltei. However, a drastic spatial regression of this species has occurred over the last 20 years. In the meantime, important modifications of hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics were observed: significant changes in tidal asymmetry, increase of suspended sediment concentration, massive accumulation of mud over eastern sandy beaches, increase in dredging requirements in uspstream shallow channels. This study investigates the dynamics of newly deposited decimetric mud layer over a sheltered sandy beach, in order to assess the origin and the future of these muddy deposits. To achieve these objectives, a four-month high frequency...
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Ano: 2018 URL:
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