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Amélioration génétique et utilisation des aliments à base de végétaux en pisciculture ArchiMer
Le Boucher, Richard; Dupont-nivet, M.; Laureau, S.; Labbe, Laurent; Geurden, I.; Medale, F.; Chatain, Beatrice; Vandeputte, Marc; Quillet, E..
World fish farm production is growing rapidly. However, the supply of fishmeal and fish oil, the major ingredients of fish diets, has reached a limit because of the limits in the exploitation of wild fish stocks that cannot be increased to meet a growing demand. The main response, especially in Europe, has been the progressive replacement of fishmeal and fish oil by plant products. However, the strong reduction of growth and sometimes survival of fish fed highly substituted diets has urged research on the genetic potential for adaptation to plant-based diets. Recent results clearly demonstrate that fish can be selected for their capacity to grow when fed plant-based diets, even though the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. Genotype-diet interactions...
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Ano: 2013 URL:
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