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Unravelling Mycosphaerella: do you believe in genera? Naturalis
Crous, P.W.; Summerell, B.A.; Carnegie, A.J.; Wingfield, M.J.; Hunter, G.C.; Burgess, T.I.; Andjic, V.; P.A. Barber; J.Z. Groenewald.
Many fungal genera have been defined based on single characters considered to be informative at the generic level. In addition, many unrelated taxa have been aggregated in genera because they shared apparently similar morphological characters arising from adaptation to similar niches and convergent evolution. This problem is aptly illustrated in Mycosphaerella. In its broadest definition, this genus of mainly leaf infecting fungi incorporates more than 30 form genera that share similar phenotypic characters mostly associated with structures produced on plant tissue or in culture. DNA sequence data derived from the LSU gene in the present study distinguish several clades and families in what has hitherto been considered to represent the Mycosphaerellaceae....
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: Cibiessia; Colletogloeum; Dissoconium; Kirramyces; Mycosphaerella; Passalora; Penidiella; Phaeophleospora; Phaeothecoidea; Pseudocercospora; Ramularia; Readeriella; Stenella; Teratosphaeria; Zasmidium.
Ano: 2009 URL:
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