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Lattice-work corridors for climate change: a conceptual framework for biodiversity conservation and social-ecological resilience in a tropical elevational gradient Ecology and Society
Townsend, Patricia A; University of Washington;; Masters, Karen L; Council on International Educational Exchange;
Rapid climate change poses complex challenges for conservation, especially in tropical developing countries where biodiversity is high while financial and technical resources are limited. The complexity is heightened by uncertainty in predicted effects, both for ecological systems and human communities that depend heavily on natural resource extraction and use. Effective conservation plans and measures must be inexpensive, fast-acting, and able to increase the resilience of both the ecosystem and the social-ecological system. We present conservation practitioners with a framework that strategically integrates climate change planning into connectivity measures for tropical mountain ecosystems in Costa Rica. We propose a strategy for doubling the amount of...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Insight Palavras-chave: Buffer capacity; Climate adaptation; Community involvement; Conservation incentives; Costa Rica; Environmental services payments; Forest landscape restoration; Habitat priority-setting; Landscape connectivity; Reforestation; Resilient ecosystems; Resilient livelihoods; Riparian zones; Tropical mountain ecosystems.
Ano: 2015
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