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Droits à produire transférables : Le marché des concessions conchylicoles et ses effets non désirés ArchiMer
Mongruel, Remi; Perez Agundez, José A.; Girard, Sophie.
This paper sets out an historical analysis of the rights-based system applied to the French shellfish-farming sector and a study of the current operating way of this system. It addresses the issue of the distribution of production means within an industry whose two main characteristics are the familial exploitation model and the specific social objectives like jobs creation in some coastal areas. The shellfish farming rights-based system has evolved toward a transferable production-rights system. However, the spontaneous emergence of a market for production-rights in the context of a weak administrative intervention is likely to generate unintended effects, whose occurrence is tested using quantitative and qualitative data. The final discussion searches...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Market regulation; Distribution; Rights to produce; Shellfish farming; Land; Encadrement du marché; Répartition; Droits à produire; Conchyliculture; Foncier.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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