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Effects of physical mixing on the environment of satellite lakes and dams of lake Victoria, Kenya OceanDocs
Guya, F.; Wakwabi, E.; Jembe, T.; Osumo, W.; Sitoki, L.; Ogutu, Z..
In the Lake Victoria (Kenya) catchment are found several small lakes and dams. The satellite lakes and dams are important aquifers and buffer zones for the lake. Besides the water bodies are important water sources both for livestock and domestic use. A study conducted in the water bodies between January 2003 and December 2004 showed that effects of eutrophication are wide spread in the lakes and dams. An investigation of primary productivity and effects of physical mixing and material transport was done. In Lake Sare, Lake Victoria waters are transported to the satellite lake during both day and night through Goye causeway that connects the two. The water bodies have higher rates of primary productivity than Lake Victoria. Spatial extent of oxygen...
Tipo: Proceedings Paper Palavras-chave: Dams; Eutrophication; Water reservoirs; Inland waters; Water bodies; Eutrophication; Primary production; Lake basins; Water mixing; Artificial lakes; Oxygen depletion; Endemic species; Pollution effects; Eutrophication; Dams; Http://; Http://
Ano: 2006 URL:
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