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L'aquaculture du Macrobrachium rosenbergii aux Antilles Francaises ArchiMer
Lacroix, Denis.
The aquaculture of Macrobrachium rosenbergii is launched in Martinigue by the regional council in 1976. A first "green water" type hatchery is built and provides juveniles to the first ponds. In 1978, CNEXO is asked to cooperate in scientific assistance. A new hatchery is built with COP "clear water" system and produces in 1980. The development of ponds (20 ha) needs the increase of the hatcheries capacity, which is now done with one single method and intensive larval first stage (7-8 millions PL. cap). In Guadeloupe, the first ponds started in 1978. Two cooperatives and 11 ha of ponds at this time have determined the construction of CNEXO in the construction of a regional hatchery. A small light one is already under production since July 83.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Macrobrachium rosenbergii; Malacostraca; Growth; Hatcheries; Aquaculture systems; Aquaculture development; Guadeloupe; Production Martinique; Grossissement; Écloserie; Macrobrachium.
Ano: 1983 URL:
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