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Local Management Practices for Dealing with Change and Uncertainty: A Cross-scale Comparison of Cases in Sweden and Tanzania Ecology and Society
Belfrage, Kristina; Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences;
We investigated and compared management practices for dealing with uncertainty in agroecosystem dynamics in two cases of smallholder farming in different parts of the world: northeast Tanzania and east-central Sweden. Qualitative research methods were applied to map farmers' practices related to agroecosystem management. The practices are clustered according to a framework of ecosystem services relevant for agricultural production and discussed using a theoretical model of ecosystem dynamics. Almost half of the identified practices were found to be similar in both cases, with similar approaches for adjusting to and dealing with local variability and disturbance. Practices that embraced the ecological roles of wild as well as domesticated flora and fauna...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Reports Palavras-chave: Mbulu highlands; Roslagen; Sweden; Tanzania; Agroecosystem; Biodiversity; Bioindicators; Local ecological knowledge; Management practices; Resilience; Traditional ecological knowledge.
Ano: 2004
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