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Contribution des frayères côtières au recrutement du stock de seiche Sepia officinalis de Manche : lien entre le succès de la phase pré-recrutée et l'abondance de la ressource ArchiMer
Gras, Michael.
The English Channel cuttlefish Sepia officinalis is the most important cephalopod stock in the N-E Atlantic but is only managed by local measures, mainly due to a lack of suitable tools. The objective of this work is therefore to improve the knowledge of its population dynamic, particularly the parameters inuencing the resource abundance. After a summary of the state of the art, in a first step, the exploration of the stock structure during the reproduction period revealed that, in a warming and high fishing pressure context, the life history traits of cuttlefish have changed and a percentage of one year old cuttlefish are mature. In a second step, the inuence of the fuel price on the spatial allocation of the French trawling effort was highlighted and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Sepia officinalis; Manche; Cycle de vie; Pêcheries; Modèle d'évaluation de stock; Recrutement.; Sepia officinalis; English Channel; Life cycle; Fisheries; Stock assessment model; Recruitment..
Ano: 2013 URL:
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