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Élevage de la palourde japonaise Ruditapes philippinarum dans le bassin d'Arcachon. Bilan des dix dernières années et perspectives de développement ArchiMer
Robert, Rene; Deltreil, Jean-pierre.
Farming of the Japanese clam Ruditapes philippinarum took place for the first time in 1980 in the Arcachon basin. After an experimentation period of about ten years, a farming strategy, taking into consideration the distinctive features found in the bay, was able to emerge. For example, in order to fight against clam predators, crabs such as Carcinus maenas, and balistes such as Balistes capriscus, vertical protection coupled with prior ground gravelling, and laying of nets over the beds during the summer months, have become necessary. The best raising technique seems to rest on early spring planting of middle size spats (T5), after checking that no brown rings are visible. If clam growth seems to be better in oceanic zones, it looks similar in other areas...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Basin of Arcachon; Culture methods; Growth; Predation; Balistes capriscus; Carcinus maenas; Ruditapes philippinarum; Bassin d'Arcachon; Stratégie d'élevage; Croissance; Prédation; Balistes capriscus; Carcinus maenas; Ruditapes philippinarum.
Ano: 1990 URL:
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