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ISSR as new markers for genetic characterization and evaluation of relationships among phytoplankton ArchiMer
Bornet, Benjamin; Antoine, Elisabeth; Bardouil, Michele; Marcaillou-le Baut, Claire.
In order to increase the molecular tools and markers needed for the identification of phytoplankton species, the inter simple sequence repeat ( ISSR) fingerprinting was adapted to micro-algae and its use in genetic analysis was demonstrated. Twelve strains, 6 Alexandrium, 4 Pseudo-nitzschia, 1 Skeletonema and 1 Tetraselmis were analysed for the first time with ISSR amplifications. The patterns were highly polymorphic and very reproducible. The 6 primers gave 223 polymorphic markers that clearly and easily distinguished all 12 strains ( mainly toxic ones) and gave 187 polymorphic markers among the Alexandrium and the Pseudo-nitzschia species. ISSR amplifications also indicated a large occurrence of simple sequence repeat ( SSR) in phytoplankton genomes,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Tetraselmis; Skeletonema; Pseudo nitzschia; ISSR; Genetic characterization and diversity; Fingerprints; Alexandrium.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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