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Anatomic Position of the Pterion among Kenyans for Lateral Skull Approaches International Journal of Morphology
Mwachaka,P; Hassanali,J; Odula,P.
The pterion is a point of sutural confluence seen in the norma lateralis of the skull where frontal, parietal, temporal and sphenoid bones meet. The position of the pterion exhibits population-based variations. Location of this point is important in surgical approaches to the anterior and middle cranial fossae. Specific measurements were taken on both sides of 90 (51 male, 39 female) Kenyan human skulls. The distances from the centerof pterion to the frontozygomatic suture were 38.88+3.49 mm on the right side and 38.24+3.47 mm on the left side. The pterion was 30.35+3.40 mm and 30.34+4.34 mm above the mid point of the zygomatic arch on the right and left sides, respectively. Males had statistically significant higher pteria compared to females being...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Pterion; Frontozygomatic suture; Zygoma; Kenyans.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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