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Provedor de dados:  Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
País:  Taiwan
Título:  施用不同量雞糞堆肥配合適量化學肥料對仙草品質及產量之影響
Combined Effects of applying Chicken Compost and Chemical Fertilizer on Quality and Yield of Hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens Hems1.)
Autores:  胡敏夫
Min-Fu Hu; Wan-Li Wu; Sin-Yie Liu; Mu-Lien Lin
Data:  2010-06
Ano:  2010
Palavras-chave:  仙草 凝膠強度 雞糞堆肥 Hsian-tsao
Gel formation strength
Chicken compost [[classification]]6
Resumo:  [[abstract]]以施用不同量之雞糞堆肥配合適量化學肥料,亦即參試處理分 (A) 全量施用雞糞堆肥9,000kg ha-1, (B) 施用2/3 雞糞堆肥(以氮用量為基準估算)和 1/3 氮素, (C) 施用1/3 雞糞堆肥和2/3 氮素混合62 kg ha-1氧化鉀與 (CK) 全量施用化肥(氮180kg、磷酐80kg及氧化鉀140kg ha-1)比較,於1998及1999年分別在水上鄉及關西鎮兩主要仙草生產區進行試驗,探討各處理對仙草主要農藝性狀及葉凝膠強度的影響與礦物元素在葉片累積量。試驗結果顯示,兩試地每公頃平均乾株產量均以全區施用化學肥料 (CK) 最高,分別為9,645 kg及7,226 kg,而全區施用雞糞堆肥區 (A) 之水上試區為8,726kg,與各處理間比較均未達顯著差異,但關西試地6,194 kg 卻顯著比CK及C處理區低。兩試區均以C處理區每公頃施用1/3 雞糞堆肥和2/3 化學肥料之處理葉凝膠強度表現最強,分別為水上試區141g/cm2,及關西試區224.5 g/cm2。水上試區各處理間之葉片氮素含量無顯著差異,依序為 (A) 18.29 g kg-1,(B) 16.7 g kg-1,(C) 17.7 g kg-1及 (CK) 19.4 g kg-1,關西試區全區施用雞糞堆肥區 (A) 僅11.6 g kg-1顯著低於其他處理。

[[abstract]]Combined effects of applying chicken compost and chemical fertilizer on quality and yield of hsian-tsao (Mesona procumbens, ‘cv. TARI No. 1’) plants were investigated in 1998 and in 1999 at Shui-Shang and Kuang-Shi, the main hsain-tsao producing areas located in Central-South and in North Taiwan. The fertilizer treatments consisted of full chicken compost (9,000 kg/ha); two-third of chicken compost in quantities with rest of N applied as chemical fertilizer; one-third of chicken compost amended with chemical fertilizers; and chemical fertilizer (N, 180 kg ha-1; P2O5, 80 kg ha-1; K2O, 140 kg ha-1) as control. The field layout in both experimental sites used RCBD with four replicates. The treatments which had received the full chemical fertilizers in both sites, had the highest dry-plant yield of 9,645 and 7,226 kg ha-1, respectively. In Shui-Shang, the plants with the full chicken compost had 8,726 kg of plant yield per ha, which was not statistical different as compared to the other treatments. However, in Kuang-Shi, similar trend was not obtained, as the same treatment resulted significantly lower yield (6,194 kg ha-1) than the other treatments. The treatment with combined use of chicken compost (3,000 kg ha-1) and chemical fertilizer (120 kg N ha-1 and 62 kg K2O ha-1) apparently had highest gel formation strength. It reached to 141 g/cm2 in Shui-Shang and to 224.5 g/cm2 in Kuang-Shi. There were no significant difference in percent leaf N among the treatments although the N levels followed in the order of control, 19.4 g ka-1; full chicken compost, 18.2 g kg-1; one third of chicken compost, 17.7 g kg-1; and two third of chicken compost, 16.7 g kg-1. The leaf N level in the plot received fully chicken compost in Kuang-Shi was only 11.6 g kg-1, which was obviously lower than that of other treatments.
Idioma:  zh_tw
Identificador:  [[issn]]0376-477X

Relação:  中華農業研究 50(2): 60-66
Journal of Agricultural Research of China 50(2): 60-66
Formato:  [[extent]]859542 bytes


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