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Provedor de dados:  InTech
País:  N/A
Título:  Artificial Muscles for Humanoid Robots
Autores:  Bertrand Tondu
Data:  2007-06-01
Ano:  2007
Palavras-chave:  Humanoid Robots
Human-like Machines
Resumo:  The functioning of natural skeletal muscle is based on microscopic phenomena that no technology is at present able to reproduce. The notion of artificial muscle is as a consequence mainly founded on a macroscopic model of the skeletal muscle. The mimicking of both tension-length and tension-velocity characteristics is aimed at giving future humanoid robots touch ability which is so fundamental in the `relational life' of human beings. No definitive technology has as yet emerged in the design of artificial muscle. It is, however, interesting to note that the most promising ones are based on the use of polymers whose physical properties (responses to chemical or physical agents, elasticity, etc.) mimic some dynamic properties of animal tissues. In particular pH, temperature or electric field are now currently used to produce and control the shape changes of polymer fibres or polymer-based composite materials. These results are generally obtained on a small scale ? typically a mm2-section scale ? and the application of these technologies to macroscopic skeletal muscle scales ? typically a cm2-section scale ? generally induces a performance loose in power-to-volume and power-to-mass. Today the integration of artificial muscles to anthropomorphic limbs on a human-scale in volume and mass, necessitates power-to-mass and power-to-volume very close to human skeletal muscle.. Pneumatic artificial muscles, in the form of McKibben artificial muscles or alternative types such as pleated artificial muscles, are at present able to mimic these natural muscle dynamic properties. As a consequence, we consider that their use is interesting to test control
Tipo:  5
Idioma:  Inglês
Editor:  INTECH Open Access Publisher
Relação:  ISBN:978-3-902613-07-3

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