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Provedor de dados:  21
País:  Germany
Título:  Organic potatoes
Autores:  Speiser, Bernhard
Berner, Alfred
Boehm, Herwert
Buchecker, Kirsten
Dierauer, Hansueli
Dresow, Jana F.
Dreyer, Wilfried
Finckh, Maria
Fuchs, Alexander
Keil, Sven
Keiser, Andreas
Kuehne, Stefan
Landzettel, Christian
Mahnke-Plesker, Sylvia
Schild, Marion
Six, Roswitha
Tamm, Lucius
Völkel, Günther
Data:  2017
Ano:  2017
Palavras-chave:  Root crops
Resumo:  Potatoes are very suitable for direct marketing due to their poularity and versatility. But good yields are needed for commercial production to cover the high costs of cultivation and mechanisation. The very high Quality requirements at every stage of marketing require the highest care from seed preparation to plant protection, nutrient and water supply to harvest and storage. This guide provides a good basic for achieving high-Quality products. Commercial potato farms complement their Knowledge with the help of experts and further literature.
Tipo:  Book
Idioma:  Inglês

Speiser, Bernhard; Berner, Alfred; Boehm, Herwert; Buchecker, Kirsten; Dierauer, Hansueli; Dresow, Jana F.; Dreyer, Wilfried; Finckh, Maria; Fuchs, Alexander; Keil, Sven; Keiser, Andreas; Kuehne, Stefan; Landzettel, Christian; Mahnke-Plesker, Sylvia; Schild, Marion; Six, Roswitha; Tamm, Lucius and Völkel, Günther (2017) Organic potatoes. 2017 edition. Technical Guide. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and Organic Research Centre Elm Farm (ORC), Frick and Newbury.
Editor:  Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and Organic Research Centre Elm Farm (ORC)
Formato:  application/pdf

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