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Provedor de dados:  ArchiMer
País:  France
Título:  Structure of the southernmost Okinawa Trough from reflection and wide-angle seismic data
Autores:  Klingelhoefer, Frauke
Lee, Chao-shing
Lin, Jing-yi
Sibuet, Jean-claude
Data:  2009-03
Ano:  2009
Palavras-chave:  Back arc basin
Crustal structure
Wide angle seismics
Okinawa Trough
Resumo:  During a passive seismic experiment in the Okinawa Trough the shots of two reflection profiles were recorded by ocean bottom seismometers (OBS). Both profiles include 3 ocean-bottom instruments, are about 65 km in length and located in the axial portion of the southwestern Okinawa Trough. Processing of the reflection seismic data images recent deformation of the sedimentary units. Forward modelling of the wide-angle data on both profiles reveals a 1-2 km thick sedimentary infill overlying an acoustic basement characterised by seismic velocities between 3.2 and 3.5 km/s. Crustal thickness could only be modelled on one profile and was determined to be around 10 km, thickening towards the Ryukyu Arc in the south. Gravity modelling was used to additionally constrain both profiles especially the deep structure of Profile 1. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All right reserved.
Tipo:  Text
Idioma:  Inglês

Editor:  Elsevier
Formato:  application/pdf
Fonte:  Tectonophysics (0040-1951) (Elsevier), 2009-03 , Vol. 466 , N. 3-4 , P. 281-288
Direitos:  2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


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