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On the use of satellite data in a general-circulation ocean model - altimeter and scatterometer data ArchiMer
Boukthir, M; Verron, J; Barnier, B.
This paper examines how satellite altimeter and scatterometer measurements could be jointly used in a numerical ocean model in an attempt to simulate a realistic ocean circulation. The aim of the study is to determine quantitatively how sensitive the efficiency of the assimilation process may be to the variability of the wind stress curl and to evaluate the ability of the Topex/Poseidon altimetric data to correct for the sampling of scatterometer wind data that is to be provided by the forthcoming ERS 1 and NSCAT satellite missions. The model is quasigeostrophic, eddy-resolving and multi-layered, and is applied to the prognostic description of the mid-latitude ocean circulation in a schematic box ocean. Satellite altimeter data are simulated from model...
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Ano: 1992 URL:
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