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Approche de l'impact écologique de la pêcherie thonière au filet maillant dérivant en Atlantique nord-est ArchiMer
Goujon, Michel; Antoine, Loic; Collet, Anne; Fifas, Spyros.
This document presents the results of a study on the impact of the french albacore tuna drift net fishery, mainly at the dolphins population level. Data collected during two embarked observers campains in 1992 and 1993 and the results of a sighting survey in 1993 give an estimation of the population size of common and striped dolphins (61 888 and 73 843) and mean values of ratio fishing of mortality (0.7 and 1.6%). A model was built in order to simulate the effect of the 5% upper limits of fishing mortality (1.5 and 3%). These values would leed to an annual rate of decrease of -1 %. It is unlikely that such values would jeopardize the survival and the presence of these species. Total incidental catches represent 15% of these total catch; albacore tuna...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Impact écologique; Filets maillants; Mammifères marins; Germon; Ecological impact; Drift nets; Marine mammals; Albacore.
Ano: 1993 URL:
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