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Cartographic Atlas of Marine Environmental Law in West Africa. Methodology and use for spatial planning ArchiMer
Le tixerant, Matthieu; Bonnin, Marie; Gourmelon, Françoise; Ragueneau, Olivier; Rouan, Mathias; Ly, Ibrahima; Ould zein, Ahmed; Ndiaye, Fatou; Diedhiou, Mohamed; Ndao, Souleye; Ndiaye, Mamadou Bassirou.
In the marine environment, positive law generates multiple zones and regulatory limits that overlap in space, justifying a cartographic representation as a relevant approach to promote understanding (synthetic vision), analysis (highlighting legal anomalies, inconsistencies and redundancies), dissemination and communication to different audiences (awareness-raising). The article presents a methodology leading to the mapping of marine and coastal environmental law in West Africa, using a geographic information base to produce static or interactive cartographic representations via a Geographic Data Infrastructure (GDI). It shows the contribution of this type of mapping to a transversal approach in a multi-activity, multi-sectoral and multi-scale context. A...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Afrique de l’ouest; Mer; Littoral; Droit de la mer; Environnement; SIG; Cartographie; West Africa; Sea; Coastal zone; Law of the sea; Environment; GIS; Cartography.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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