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Perspectives de développement de la pêche associée aux DCP ancrés dans la Caraïbe ArchiMer
Reynal, Lionel; Doray, Mathieu; Carpentier, Andre; Druault-aubin, Vomakassi; Taquet, Marc; Lagin, Alain.
Deployment of anchored FADs has opened large pelagic resources to smallscale fisheries, which usually operate nearshore. The main difficulties in using FADs for fishing have now been identified. It concerns principally the design of FADs, their location, and also the type of management and exploitation. During the initial phase of FAD development, particular problems are mentioned, namely voluntary deterioration of the devices, marketing of the catches ... FADs exploitation in the area can still he optimised. The impact of FADs densities and locations (depth, distance from shore) on the concentration offish resources or on fisheryproduction is not established. Environmental impact of FADs is not weIl evaluated either. We would like to implement a workshop...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: DCP; Pélagique; Caraïbe; FAD; Pelagie; Caribbean.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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