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A Multi-Elements Isotope Approach to Assess the Geographic Provenance of Manila Clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) via Recombining Appropriate Elements ArchiMer
Won, Eun-ji; Kim, Seung Hee; Go, Young-shin; Kumar, K. Suresh; Kim, Min-seob; Yoon, Suk-hee; Bayon, Germain; Kim, Jung-hyun; Shin, Kyung-hoon.
The increasing global consumption of seafood has led to increased trade among nations, accompanied by mislabeling and fraudulent practices that have rendered authentication crucial. The multi-isotope ratio analysis is considered as applicable tool for evaluating geographical authentications but requires information and experience to select target elements such as isotopes, through a distinction method based on differences in habitat and physiology due to origin. The present study examined recombination conditions of multi-elements that facilitated geographically distinct classifications of the clams to sort out appropriate elements. Briefly, linear discriminant analysis (LDA) analysis was performed according to several combinations of five stable isotopes...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Authentication; Manila clam; Stable isotope; Traceability; Linear discriminant analysis.
Ano: 2021 URL:
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