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Effet d'une crise dystrophique dans l'etang de Salses-Leucate ArchiMer
Boutiere, H; Boree, Fde; Delille, D; Fiala, M; Gros, C; Jacques, G; Knoepffler, M; Labat, J P; Panouse, M; Soyer, J.
The dystrophic crisis in the lagoon of Salses-Leucae in 1979-1980 resulted in a bloom of the chlorophyceae Nannochloris sp. which attained a density in the order of 10 super(9) cells/litre. The worst effect was the destruction of oyster and mussel cultures because of overfeeding. This bloom also caused high turbidity which induced the destruction of large parts of sea-grass communities (Zostera)). One year after the beginning of this crisis, a gradual improvement of ecological conditions was noted, especially in the pelagic zone. The benthic environment recovered at a much slower rate. Sea-grass showed signs of recovery, organic matter concentrations and bacterial populations decreased. Furthermore, the macrofauna density increased notably. Nevertheless,...
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Ano: 1982 URL:
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