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The fate of river organic carbon in coastal areas: A study in the Rhone River delta using multiple isotopic (delta C-13, Delta C-14) and organic tracers ArchiMer
Cathalot, Cecile; Rabouille, Christophe; Tisnerat-laborde, N.; Toussaint, Flora; Kerherve, P.; Buscail, R.; Loftis, K.; Sun, M. -y.; Tronczynski, Jacek; Azoury, S.; Lansard, Bruno; Treignier, Claire; Pastor, L.; Tesi, T..
A significant fraction of the global carbon flux to the ocean occurs in River-dominated Ocean Margins (RiOMar) although large uncertainties remain in the cycle of organic matter (OM) in these systems. In particular, the OM sources and residence time have not been well clarified. Surface (0-1 cm) and sub-surface (3-4 cm) sediments and water column particles (bottom and intermediate depth) from the Rhone River delta system were collected in June 2005 and in April 2007 for a multi-proxy study. Lignin phenols, black carbon (BC), proto-kerogen/BC mixture, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), carbon stable isotope (delta C-13(OC)), and radiocarbon measurements (delta C-14(OC)) were carried out to characterize the source of sedimentary organic material and to...
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Ano: 2013 URL:
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