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Deep-Sea Nematodes of the Mozambique Channel: Evidence of Random Community Assembly Dynamics in Seep Sediments 5
Macheriotou, Lara; Rigaux, Annelien; Olu, Karine; Zeppilli, Daniela; Derycke, Sofie; Vanreusel, Ann.
Cold seeps occur globally in areas where gases escape from the seafloor, occasionally resulting in the formation of topographic depressions (pockmarks), characterised by unique physicochemical conditions such as anoxic and sulphuric sediments. Free-living marine nematodes tend to dominate the meiofaunal component in such environments, often occurring at extremely high densities and low richness; the mechanisms defining community assembly in areas of fluid seepage, however, have received little attention. Here we focus on a low-activity pockmark at 789 m in the Mozambique Channel (MC). We assessed the diversity, co-occurrence patterns and phylogenetic community structure of nematodes at this bathyal site to that of a nearby reference area as well as abyssal...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Cold seeps; Nematoda; Metabarcoding; Community structure; Phylogenetic community structure.
Ano: 2021 URL:
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