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Optimizing image-based protocol to monitor macroepibenthic communities colonizing artificial structures ArchiMer
Taormina, Bastien; Marzloff, Martin; Desroy, Nicolas; Caisey, Xavier; Dugornay, Olivier; Metral Thiesse, Emmanuelle; Tancray, Aurelien; Carlier, Antoine.
Underwater imagery is increasingly used as an effective and repeatable method to monitor benthic ecosystems. Nevertheless, extracting ecologically relevant information from a large amount of raw images remains a time-consuming and somewhat laborious challenge. Thus, underwater imagery processing needs to strike a compromise between time-efficient image annotation and accuracy in quantifying benthic community composition. Designing and implementing robust image sampling and image annotation protocols are therefore critical to rationally address these trade-offs between ecological accuracy and processing time. The aim of this study was to develop and to optimize a reliable image scoring strategy based on the point count method using imagery data acquired on...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Benthic monitoring; Fouling community; Sampling design; Taxonomic resolution; Underwater imagery.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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