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National and International Developments in Technology - Trends, Patterns and Implications for Policy AgEcon
Koopmann, Georg; Munnich, Felix.
Declining R&D intensities at the national level coincide with growing international technological links. Deviations of individual OECD countries from the average R&D intensity reflect differences in industry structure as well as in sectoral R&D intensity. At the same time, the sectoral distribution of R&D expenditure varies substantially less across countries than do the respective growth rates. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is the most important vehicle for the exploitation of "home-grown" technology abroad. FDI frequently also entails the generation of knowledge abroad in own R&D facilities the nature of which increasingly shifts from adaptation to innovation development and knowledge-seeking. In addition, international...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper Palavras-chave: Research and Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies.
Ano: 1999 URL:
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