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The Cumulative Effects of Fishing, Plankton Productivity, and Marine Mammal Consumption in a Marine Ecosystem 5
Fu, Caihong; Xu, Yi; Guo, Chuanbo; Olsen, Norm; Grüss, Arnaud; Liu, Huizhu; Barrier, Nicolas; Verley, Philippe; Shin, Yunne-jai.
The marine ecosystem off British Columbia (BC), Canada, has experienced various changes in the last two decades, including reduced lipid-rich zooplankton biomass, increased marine mammals, and deteriorated commercial fisheries, particularly those targeting pelagic species such as Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii). Understanding how stressors interactively and cumulatively affect commercially important fish species is key to moving toward ecosystem-based fisheries management. Because it is challenging to assess the cumulative effects of multiple stressors by using empirical data alone, a dynamic, individual-based spatially explicit ecosystem modeling platform such as Object-oriented Simulator of Marine Ecosystems (OSMOSE) represents a valuable tool to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Cumulative effect; Ecosystem-based fisheries management; Ecological indicator; Ecosystem modeling; Synergism.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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