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Genetic and reproduction strategy in Crassostrea gigas mortality 5
Moal, Jeanne; Bedier, Edouard; Fleury, Pierre-gildas; Langlade, Aime; Le Coguic, Yvette; Degremont, Lionel; Boudry, Pierre; Le Coz, Jean-rene; Pouvreau, Stephane; Enriquez-diaz, M.; Lambert, Christophe; Quere, Christele; Soudant, Philippe; Samain, Jean-francois.
Bi-parental families were produced in hatchery and tested in the field in 2001. Two sets of 5 families were constituted, selected on their high (R) and low (S) survival. These two sets were reared in Brittany from March to November 2002. Samplings were performed twice a month to obtain data on biometry, survival, reproductive cycle, biochemical composition, adenylate energy charge, hemolymph parameters (ions and defense system) and muscle strength. "R" and "S" oysters exhibited different reproductive effort and spawning strategy. "R" oysters allocated less energy in gonad than "S" ones and presented a complete spawning at the end of August contrary to the "S" which spawns partially. Mortality started in July when the seawater temperature reached 19 degree...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Summer; Reproduction; Oyster culture; Mortality; Genetic diversity; Commercial species; Breeding.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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