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DIPNET - A European project to evaluate disease interactions and pathogen exchange between farmed and wild aquatic animal population fish, shellfish and crustaceans ArchiMer
Miossec, Laurence; Garseth, A. H.; Midtlyng, P. J.; Raynard, R.; Peeler, E.; De Bals, I..
DIPNET (Disease Interaction and Pathogen exchange Network) is a co-ordination action funded under the UE Framework programme 6 priority 8 Scientific Support to Policy (SSP). The principal objective of DIPNET is to increase scientific knowledge of the potential transfer of pathogens and diseases between wild and farmed fish and shellfish populations. DIPNET started in October 2004 and is a 2 year project. The project is organized in four work packages. Work package (WP) 1 is focused on a literature review of disease interactions and pathogen exchange between farm and wild aquatic animals. This analysis includes both published and unpublished literature. The work covers a wide range of habitats and species within Europe and, where relevant, world-wide. WP1...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: DIPNET; Crustaceans; Shellfish; Fish; Epidemiology; Risk assessment; Diseases; Transfer of pathogens.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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