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Carbon and silica megasink in deep-sea sediments of the Congo terminal lobes 5
Rabouille, C.; Dennielou, Bernard; Baudin, F.; Raimonet, M.; Droz, Laurence; Khripounoff, Alexis; Martinez, P.; Mejanelle, L.; Michalopoulos, P.; Pastor, Lucie; Pruski, A.; Ragueneau, Olivier; Reyss, J.-l.; Ruffine, Livio; Schnyder, J.; Stetten, E.; Taillefert, M.; Tourolle, Julie; Olu, Karine.
Carbon and silicon cycles at the Earth surface are linked to long-term variations of atmospheric CO2 and oceanic primary production. In these cycles, the river-sea interface is considered a biogeochemical hotspot, and deltas presently receive and preserve a major fraction of riverine particles in shallow water sediments. In contrast, periods of glacial maximum lowstand were characterized by massive exports of sediments to the deep-sea via submarine canyons and accumulation in deep-sea fans. Here, we calculate present-day mass balances for organic carbon (OC) and amorphous silica (aSi) in the terminal lobe complex of the Congo River deep-sea fan as an analogue for glacial periods. We show that this lobe complex constitutes a megasink with the current...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Present; Paleoceanography; South Atlantic; Inorganic geochemistry; Organic geochemistry; Sedimentology-marine cores.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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