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Les prises accessoires de la pêcherie de civelles (Anguilla anguilla) dans l'estuaire de la Loire en 1987 ArchiMer
Guerault, Daniel; Desaunay, Yves; Bellois, Pierre; Grellier, Patrick; Robin, Jean-paul; Robineau, Brigitte.
A survey of the glass-eel fishery in the Loire estuary in 1987 (265 boats, 117 tons gasseel, 13733 fishing trips) showed that 16 fishery species constitute the by-catch (49,3 million individuals, mainly juveniles, among which 98 % consist in flounder, sprat and brown shrimp). The analysis of catches in space and time leads to proposaIs for Iimiting the impact during the last fishing weeks. Taking into account the naturai mortality rates of the concerned juveniles, an attempt is made to estimate the actuai impact of the glasseel fishery, after a delay. Only 10 % of the caught brown shrimps wouid have been recruited in the summer shrimp fishery. Up to 85,5 to 97,6 % of juvenile fishes would have disappeared during the following year by natural mortality.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Anguille; Pêcherie; Prises accessoires; Estuaire; Loire; Eel; Fishery; By catch; Estuary; Loire.
Ano: 1989 URL:
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