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Deep-sea meiofauna communities in Antarctica: structural analysis and relation with the environment OMA
Vanhove, S.; Wittoeck, J.; Desmet, G.; Van den Berghe, B.; Herman, R.; Bak, R.P.M.; Nieuwland, G.; Vosjan, J.H.; Boldrin, A.; Rabitti, S.; Vincx, M..
The metazoan meiofauna in the region off Kapp Norvegia, Antarctica (Weddell Sea: 71°S, 12°W), was collected from depths between 211 and 2080m. Total meiofaunal abundance ranged from 815 to 5122 ind. per 10 cm² and total biomass from 126 to 966 µg dwt per 10 cm². Nematodes dominated the samples (range 83 to 97%) followed by harpacticoid copepods, polychaetes and kinorhynchs. A typical skewed length frequency distribution was obtained with most nematodes in the 0.4 to 0.6 mm size-class. The meiofauna communities were primarily influenced by bathymetric depth and food availability (e.g. organic matter and microbiota), which in turn are suggested to be directly related to phytoplankton blooms and associated sedimentation pulses. Standing stock and distribution...
Tipo: Info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Ano: 1995 URL:
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