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Methane release from warming-induced hydrate dissociation in the West Svalbard continental margin: Timing, rates, and geological controls ArchiMer
Thatcher, K. E.; Westbrook, Graham; Sarkar, S.; Minshull, T. A..
Hundreds of plumes of methane bubbles, first observed in 2008, emanate from an area of the seabed off West Svalbard that has become 1 degrees C warmer over the past 30 years. The distribution of the plumes, lying close to and upslope from the present upper limit of the methane hydrate stability zone, indicates that methane in the plumes could come from warming-induced hydrate dissociation, a process commonly invoked as contributing to rapid climate change. We used numerical modeling to investigate the response of hydrate beneath the seabed to changes in bottom-water temperature over periods of up to 1000 years B. P. The delay between the onset of warming and emission of gas, resulting from the time taken for thermal diffusion, hydrate dissociation, and gas...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Methane hydrate; Gas emission; Arctic warming; Geological controls; Thermal history.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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