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Etat des principaux stocks de poissons démersaux et de langoustine exploités par la France en 1992 dans le Nord-Est Atlantique. 5
Mellon, Capucine; Charuau, Anatole; Tetard, Alain.
Fisheries are managed by stocks. A stock is defined by species and geographical area. Their management is international including all the countries which have a fishing activity in each geographical area. The International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is an international structure which undertakes to organize working groups each year. The groups are made up of scientists from different countries. Those experts are put in charge of assessing the most important stocks. The main results of these assessments are described in that report. The most important French and international landings of demersal fishes and nephrops in North-Eastern Atlantic are presented in the introduction of the report. The species are cod, whiting, saithe, haddock, sole,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Atlantique Nord-Est; Gestion des stocks; Espèces démersales exploitées; Poissons démersaux; Langoustine; Distribution géographique; Nord-East Atlantic; Stock assessment; Exploited demersal species; Demersal fishes; Nephrops; Geographical distribution.
Ano: 1994 URL:
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