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Contribution à l'étude de faisabilité d'une usine marémotrice dans le Golfe normano-breton - Zooplanctonologie halieutique ArchiMer
Martin, Jocelyne; Halgand, Daniel.
Zooplankton study presented in this paper, is one of the three parts of fish ecology study undertaken by IFREMER in 1983 on Electricité de France request. The present work draws up an inventory of young stages from meroplanktonic species (fish eggs and larvae, crustacean larvae and postlarvae) in the area studied (a part of gulf of St Malo) together with rather large holoplanktonic organisms. Sampling period (from March to September) and periodicity were choosen according to study of hatching area and period of economical crustaceans. An hydrological study was carried out in the same time.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Zooplancton; Ichtyoplancton; Larves; Crustaces; Hydrologie; Manche; Zooplankton; Ichtyoplankton; Crustacean; Larvae; Hydrology; Channel.
Ano: 1990 URL:
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