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Amélioration des productions phytoplanctoniques en écloserie de mollusques : caractérisation des microalgues fourrage ArchiMer
Robert, Rene; Chretiennot-dinet, Marie-josèphe; Kaas, Raymond; Martin-jezequel, Véronique; Moal, Jeanne; Le Coz, Jean-rene; Nicolas, Jean-louis; Bernard, Eudes; Connan, Jean-paul; Le Dean, Loic; Le Gourrierec, Gaetane; Leroy, Bertrand; Quere, Claudie.
in mollusc hatcheries. Consequently, we assessed themost commonly used species to establish their growth and size profiles, their cytomorphological, biochemical, biomolecular identification as well as their cytometer signs, and also their ability to grow under extreme conditions of temperature and salinity. This work aimed at matching the conformity of the strains used in Argenton (dispatched to most of the French commercial hatcheries) to those of a referenced culture collection. A previous screening preceded this study, because of the 45 species and/or clones held originally, Argenton kept no more than 15 species. As most of the latter are also represented in referenced collection, our strains are therefore correctly identified. On the other hand, the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ecological limits; Biomolecular profile; Flow cytometry; Biochemical composition; Cytomorphology; Phytoplankton; Mollusc; Hatchery; Ecotolérance; Profil biomoléculaire; Cytométrie en flux; Composition biochimique; Cytomorphologie; Phytoplancton; Mollusques; Ecloserie.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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