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Etude d'une gestion optimale des pecheries de langoustines et de poissons demersaux en mer Celtique ArchiMer
Laurec, Alain; Charuau, Anatole; Perodou, Jean-bernard; Nedelec, Daniel; Biseau, Alain; Durand, Jean-louis; Rivoalen, Jean-jacques; Dupouy, Herve; Le Louarn, G.; Leroux, L..
The general study, scheduled from 1984 to 1986, aims at providing a judgement about the fisheries in the Celtic Sea. This area has been chosen because it is frequented by EEC vessels with, for the time being, a large majority of French vessels. Activities there are easier to monitor than anywhere else as coastal fisheries are little developed in the area. The final product will consist of a certain number of hypotheses about the planning strategies that could be implemented in the Celtic Sea. The main idea is, firstly, to conduct analytical studies, stock by stock, in order then, to synthesize them into a model integrating the interactions between fleets in relation to their target species. A bio-economical model, deriving from the latter, will enable the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Monk; Cuckoo ray; Blue whiting; Cod; Hake; Ling; Common dab; Data bases; Fishing statistics; French fisheries; Demersal fish; Nephrops; Celtic Sea; Baudroies; Raie fleurie; Julienne; Cardine; Morue; Merlu; Merlan; Base de données; Rejets; Statistiques de pêche; Pêcheries françaises; Poissons demersaux; Langoustine; Mer Celtique.
Ano: 1985 URL:
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