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The Renchen L5-6 chondrite breccia - The first confirmed meteorite fall from Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany) 5
Bischoff, Addi; Barrat, Jean-alix; Berndt, Jasper; Borovicka, Jiri; Burkhardt, Christoph; Busemann, Henner; Hakenmueller, Janina; Heinlein, Dieter; Hertzog, Jasmine; Kaiser, Jozef; Maden, Colin; Meier, Matthias M. M.; Morino, Precillia; Pack, Andreas; Patzek, Markus; Reitze, Maximilian P.; Rufenacht, Miriam; Schmitt-kopplin, Philippe; Schonbachler, Maria; Spurny, Pavel; Weber, Iris; Wimmer, Karl; Zikmund, Tomas.
On July 10, 2018 at 21:29 UT extended areas of South-Western Germany were illuminated by a very bright bolide. This fireball was recorded by instruments of the European Fireball Network (EN). The records enabled complex and precise description of this event including the prediction of the impact area. So far six meteorites totaling about 1.23 kg have been found in the predicted location for a given mass during dedicated searches. The first piece of about 12 g was recovered on July 24 close to the village of Renchen (Baden-Wurttemberg) followed by the largest fragment of 955 g on July 31 about five km north-west of Renchen. Renchen is a moderately-shocked (S4) breccia consisting of abundant highly recrystallized rock fragments as well as impact melt rock...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Ordinary chondrite; Chondrite breccia; L chondrite; Meteorite fall.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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