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Analyse des processus sedimentaires recents dans l'eventail profond du Danube (mer Noire) ArchiMer
Popescu, Irina.
This study is focusing on the architecture and recent sedimentary evolution of the Danube channel, the youngest channel-levee system in the Danube deep-sea fan. The study was conducted as part of the BlaSON French-Romanian Project, and combined high-resolution seismic-reflection profiles and chirp profiles with multibeam bathymetry and piston cores. This data set was acquired in 1998 during a joint survey IFREMER-GeoEcoMar of the north-western Black Sea. Previous seismic and acoustic data were also used. The Danube deep-sea fan is a large passive-margin mud-rich fan. Like the other systems of this type (Amazon fan, Mississippi fan or Indus fan) the Danube fan consists of stacked channel-levee systems intercalated with mass-transport deposits. Seismic and...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: High resolution seismic; Lowstand palaeogeography; Submarine canyons; Deep sea fans; Black Sea; Sismique haute résolution; Paléogéographie; Canyon sous marin; Eventail profond; Mer Noire.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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