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Modelization of the regulation of protein synthesis following fertilization in sea urchin shows requirement of two processes: a destabilization of elF4E:4E-BP complex and a great stimulation of the 4E-BP-degradation mechanism, both rapamycin-sensitive ArchiMer
Laurent, Sebastien; Richard, Adrien; Mulner-lorillon, Odile; Morales, Julia; Flament, Didier; Glippa, Virginie; Bourdon, Jeremie; Gosselin, Pauline; Siegel, Anne; Cormier, Patrick; Belle, Robert.
Fertilization of sea urchin eggs involves an increase in protein synthesis associated with a decrease in the amount of the translation initiation inhibitor 4E-BP A highly simple reaction model for the regulation of protein synthesis was built and was used to simulate the physiological changes in the total 4E-BP amount observed during time after fertilization. Our study evidenced that two changes occurring at fertilization are necessary to fit with experimental data. The first change was an 8-fold increase in the dissociation parameter (koffi) of the elF4E:4E-BP complex. The second was an important 32.5-fold activation of the degradation mechanism of the protein 4E-BP Additionally, the changes in both processes should occur in 5 min time interval...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Translational control; Sea urchin embryos; Mechanisms of fertilization; Deterministic model; Translation simulation.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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