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Monitoring of sea scallops Placopecten magellanicus in bottom seeding trials using video in Miquelon bay, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, France ArchiMer
Robert, Stephane; Le Moine, Olivier; Lunven, Michel; Caisey, Xavier; Gaffet, Jean-dominique; Le Gall, Erwan; Vasquez, Mickael; Rodriguez, Julien; Detcheverry, Sebastien; Goulletquer, Philippe.
Placopecten magellanicus production in Saint Pierre et Miquelon (NW North Atlantic) has been developed through direct seeding of juveniles on leased areas. However, most of the culture occurs in deep water ranging from 30 to 70 meters, which requires a monitoring by video to facilitate the grow-out and survival evaluation. In August 2008, a submersible leaded structure was connected by a video cable to the surface and observation screen was defined through the video, an altimeter and two lasers. The pictures were recorded on board on hard drive and digital video recorder DVCAM, and data were georeferenced by VIDEONAV software. Analysing the video tapes allows to establish a thematic database on the ground structure, presence or absence of seeded and wild...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Scallops; Placopecten magellanicus; GIS; Monitoring; Miquelon Bay.
Ano: 2009 URL:
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