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Contamination chimique du milieu marin : de la mesure à l'évaluation des risques ArchiMer
Abarnou, Alain.
This activity report entitled (“Chemical contamination of the marine environment: from measurement to risk assessment”) summarizes the main stages my career at Ifremer from November 1975 to june 2013. The first chapter deals with the seawater chlorination and chlorinated waters released into the sea, the identification and the conditions of the formation of various by-product of these processes. The second chapter concerns PCBs, their nature, their chemical analysis in environmental matrices. PCBs are considered as the best examples of persistant and bioaccumulable compounds and therefore, in all this report they are flagship contaminants to which other groups of studied substances are compared. The third chapter refers to studies performed within marine...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Chlore; Chloration de l’eau de mer; Oxydant; Bromoforme; Impact environnemental; Mécanismes réactionnels; Désinfection; Polluants organiques persistants (POP); PCB; Dioxines; HAP; PBDE; Chlordécone; Baie de Seine; Organismes marins; Moules; Poissons; Surveillance environnementale; Analyse; Bioaccumulation; Chlorine; Seawater chlorination; Oxidizing agent; Bromoform; Environmental impact; Reaction mechanisms; Disinfection; Persitsent organic pollutants (POPs); PCBs; Dioxins; PAHs; PBDEs; Chlordecone (kepone); Baie de Seine; Marine organisms; Mussel; Fish; Environmental monitoring; Chemical analysis; Bioaccumulation.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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