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Early stages of snapper-grouper exploitation in the Caribbean (Bay Islands, Honduras) ArchiMer
Gobert, Bertrand; Berthou, Patrick; Lopez, E; Lespagnol, Patrick; Turcios, Maria Dolores Oqueli; Macabiau, Christophe; Portillo, Pedro.
In the Caribbean, snappers (Lutjanidae) and groupers (Serranidae) are often heavily exploited by artisanal or industrial fisheries. This paper analyzes the catches of an artisanal fishery selectively targeting these species with a moderate fishing pressure in the Bay Islands (Honduras), and discusses the implications on the understanding of the early stages of development of reef fisheries. Although snappers and groupers are targeted with handlines and spearguns in the whole archipelago, the differences in species diversity and size structure of the catch reveals various exploitation patterns. In most areas, a depletion is observed for the most vulnerable snapper and grouper species, and most other species are mainly exploited in their juvenile phase;...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Top level predators; Selective fishing effort; Caribbean; Artisanal fisheries; Reef fisheries; Groupers; Snappers.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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