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Etude d'une gestion optimale des pecheries de langoustine et de poissons demerseaux en mer Celtique. Tome 3 ArchiMer
Charuau, Anatole; Biseau, Alain.
All the biological elements obtained in the two first phases of the study and the basical economical data are synthetized in a bio-economical model. From a typology of French fleets fishing in Celtic Sea, the carried out "métiers" (target-species + areas) are pointed out, which allows to define spatio-temporal "boxes". In each compartment, at a given time, the interactive components between fleets and stocks are known. The principle of the model consists to distribute, for each time interval, the fleets in each box. The allocation of fishing effort is assigned by two coefficients : "adherence" and "preference", expressing the abilities of fleets to seize the opportunities. Thus, it is possible to assess the consequences of usual management measures :...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Bio economical model; Typology of fleets; Celtic sea; Modèle bio économique; Typologie des flottilles; Mer Celtique.
Ano: 1989 URL:
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