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Evaluation of chloride mass balance and recharge in agricultural lands in Nigeria CIGR Journal
A Sobowale; Department of Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria; A A Ramalan; O J Mudiare; M A Oyebode.
Groundwater salinization studies and recharge estimation was carried out at the Irrigation Research Station, Kadawa, Nigeria. Groundwater samples from fifteen randomly selected piezometer locations were analyzed monthly for chloride using Mohr’s method for three years while recharge was estimated using the chloride mass balance (CMB) method. Groundwater chloride range from 22 - 91.4 mg/l, seasonal trend was identified with the hot dry season (April – June) having higher values than the wet season (July – October). Correlation analysis revealed chloride status that is not associated with one another in all soil types while salt build up was observed at the south western tip of the farmland indicating potential reduction of agricultural productivity. CMB...
Palavras-chave: Groundwater Hydrology and irrigation irrigation; Groundwater; Chloride mass; Recharge; Water management; Salinity.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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