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Predicting discharge of ungauged basins in the Brazilian Cerrados. Repositório Alice
Agerbeek, S..
Rapid population growth in urban areas resulting in an increase in cropland and the use of hydro-electric dams are seen as causes of ecological problems in Brazil, of which the non-sustainable use of water resource is a major concern. Small rivers have an important ecological and socio-economic function, but are more vulnerable to environmental changes. This thesis tests a downscaling methodology, using a regional and a local watershed SWAT model, for the Preto river and the Buriti Vermelho river respectively. The models are constructed using data from the Brazilian Cerrados. This methodology attempts to predict discharge in other ungauged small rivers by using calibrated parameters from the regional watershed model as input for a local watershed model....
Tipo: Tese/dissertação (ALICE) Palavras-chave: Mudanças climáticas; Distrito Federal; Rio Preto; Buriti Vermelho; Hidrologia; Bacia hidrográfica; Cerrado; Watershed hydrology.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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