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Radiocarbon constraints on the extent and evolution of the South Pacific glacial carbon pool ArchiMer
Ronge, T. A.; Tiedemann, R.; Lamy, F.; Koehler, P.; Alloway, B. V.; De Pol-holz, R.; Pahnke, K.; Southon, J.; Wacker, L..
During the last deglaciation, the opposing patterns of atmospheric CO2 and radiocarbon activities (Delta C-14) suggest the release of C-14-depleted CO2 from old carbon reservoirs. Although evidences point to the deep Pacific as a major reservoir of this C-14-depleted carbon, its extent and evolution still need to be constrained. Here we use sediment cores retrieved along a South Pacific transect to reconstruct the spatio-temporal evolution of Delta C-14 over the last 30,000 years. In similar to 2,500-3,600 m water depth, we find C-14-depleted deep waters with a maximum glacial offset to atmospheric (14)(C) (Delta Delta C-14 = -1,000%). Using a box model, we test the hypothesis that these low values might have been caused by an interaction of aging and...
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Ano: 2016 URL:
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