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Adult-mediated connectivity affects inferences on population dynamics and stock assessment of nursery-dependent fish populations ArchiMer
Archarnbault, Benoit; Le Pape, Olivier; Baulier, Loic; Vermard, Youen; Veron, Matthieu; Rivot, Etienne.
We explore how alternative hypotheses on the degree of mixing among local subpopulations affect statistical inferences on the dynamics and stock assessment of a harvested flatfish population, namely, the common sole population in the Eastern Channel (ICES area VIId). The current paradigm considers a single, well-mixed, spatially homogeneous population with juveniles from all coastal nursery grounds along the French and UK coasts that contribute to a single adult population and one pool of eggs. Based on the available data and ecological knowledge, we developed a spatial Bayesian integrated life-cycle model that consists of three subpopulations (one near the UK coast and two near the French coast, denoted UK, West FR and East FR, respectively) supported by...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Solea solea; Spatial life-cycle model; Coastal nurseries; Connectivity; Stock assessment; Hierarchical bayesian model.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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